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Dads are like our own personal super-heroes. From taking care of education to your first bicycle to your college tuition, they practically take care of all your materialistic needs. And, they don't even shy away from making those dad jokes just to make you laugh a little.

So, what do you get as a gift for the man who basically got you everything? Fret not because you won't have to buy last minute socks to pass off as a gift because our gift experts have created the best thoughtful gift that will impress your dad and show him that he means so much to you.

This best dad explosion box is a way to remind your dad you love him. We can already hear the little burst of laughter; can you? Yep, that's the voice of chuckle you will hear when this explosion box turns into a surprise multi-layered scrapbook of your favorite moments together.

This box has 44 panels that allow you to paste photographs, quotes, and personalized messages. It also contains a cute teddy inside to remind him of you. All you have to do is share the details with us, and we'll prepare the surprise to send his way.


Required Pictures
44 Photos (Send on WhatsApp at 76683-76683)
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Metro Cities - 2-5 days | Other cities - 3 to 7 days (after receiving your photos)
Best Dad with Teddy inside
13cm (Close), 39cm (Open)

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Customisation details required for this Gift can be Send via whatsapp at 7668376683 after the payment is completed.

In case you’re busy then, our team will contact you for same. But it’ll save you time if you send it yourself after ordering. 🙂

Got a problem with what you got? Email us on or call us on 7668376683 and we shall dedicate a Customer executive to resolve your issue within 8 working hours.

In case of delay in delivery of your gift due to the delivery pincode being in a COVID-19 containment zone (as updated by respective State/Central Government), no refunds will be made. However, you can swap your order with our Virtual products.

Your secrets are safe with us, along with your personal details, photos and anything else you share.

All the files you share to customise your order are permanently deleted after the order is completed.

  ₹1450 ₹1250

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